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Palm Sunday’s Hat Show and Tea at the Cramer-Kenyon Heritage Home was successful in terms of how much conversation and laughter it brought. It was so successful that the entire group of actors and servers signed up for another session on May 7 from 5-7 p.m.

Board Member Linda Stephenson commented that the women who wore their own hats to the show looked very elegant. That sparked the idea for the hat decorating event. Events Coordinator Veronica Trezona decided to hold a hat decorating class on March 30 from 3-5 p.m. before the next Hat Show and Tea. Contributors got excited and began to volunteer feathers, flowers, fruit, jewels, ribbons, appliques, glue guns and sewing supplies and more, even hats.

“Two little girls attended the tea and hat show,” Trezona said. “They asked their grandmother when we would be doing something like that again. When their grandmother found out about the two upcoming events, she immediately signed them up.”

Since space is limited, reservations are required for both and there will be a minimum donation for the hat decorating class on Saturday, April 30, as well as for the Pre-Mother’s Day Hat Show and Tea a week later. If one takes part in the hat decorating class, there is a discount for the Hat Show and Tea. Since May 8 is Mother’s Day, children and husbands are also invited to participate in both events.

Contact Trezona for details at 605-660-5612 or at the Cramer-Kenyon Heritage Home 605-665-7470 and leave a message.

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